What ZIEHL-ABEGG fan do I have?

Readtime 1 : Argon Distributors : Nov, 30, 2020

Every ZIEHL-ABEGG fan has an identifying code either printed directly on to the motor or on a label on the terminal enclosure. This code is explained in the tables and identifies all the main specifications of the fan, allowing you to find the correct datasheet or a suitable replacement.
If you do not have the code, refer to theZIEHL-ABEGG Fan Identification Sheet for helpful hints on fan types that will allow you to select a fan model.

ZIEHL-ABEGG products also have an article number which will allow the identification of the product code and specifications.

There is a wide range of ZIEHL-ABEGG fans including Axial, Centrifugal, Process Air Fans and motor and control technology.

ZIEHL-ABEGG fans are used in many other applications, including;

  • refrigeration systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • ventilation systems
  • heating systems
  • electrical appliances
  • telecommunications & data centers
  • automotive and transport
  • mechanical industrial and processes
If you need a new fan or replacement fan, please look at the ZIEHL-ABEGG Fan Identification Sheet or contact Argon Distributors for technical help.
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