Why is Multi-Wing the Preferred Engine Cooling Fan?

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At Argon, we offer a range of fans, electric motors, and water pumps NZ wide to keep our clients moving along in their workplaces.

Today we’ll be sharing some of our extensive product knowledge on Multi-Wing engine fans to ensure that your machines can work to their best abilities for the longest time possible.


What are Multi-Wing Fans, and Why Are They the Trusted Choice?

Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans are available in a range of different blade sizes for a range of various applications and engines. Multi-Wing fans are the top choice for many leading manufacturers and mechanics for their versatile product line. Their design is customizable to allow different blades, materials, pitch angle, diameter, and rotation direction to suit any HVAC/R and engine cooling requirements.

Engine Cooling Fans for Agricultural and Industrial Machines 

Different engines have various considerations and requirements that need to be met to work at their highest capacity. You must know the specific conditions required for your machine engine to ensure no possible faults or damage that could occur through its use. 

Roller engines, for example, require very durable fans and can handle high levels of constant vibrations. The Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans feature minimum blade deflection, ideal for reduced emission and EGR engines. These fans can be powered by a motor or hydraulics and are optimal for small, medium and large rollers. 

Excavator engine cooling requires a fan that provides power, performance and reliability in one solution. The Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans also improve engine cooling, fuel efficiency and limit noise (up to 4 dBA reduction with the ƐPS add-on). These high-efficiency fans are suitable for hydraulic drive, variable rotation speed (reversible to clean the radiator), reduced emission engines and EGR engines. The Multi-Wing’s one-piece fans feature stiff blades which are both compact and robust.HG Group Crusher Radiator Fan Application (1)

Engine cooling for tractors is another unique requirement. These fans need to be one-piece or modular fans that can operate under very high pressure and temperatures while improving fuel efficiency and low noise. Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans have the option of using fuel-saving bimetal and electronically controlled viscous clutches. These fans are robust, compact for limited space and feature minimal blade deflection. Multi-Wing high-efficiency fans fit reduced emission engines and EGR engines. The Multi-Wing fans are performance tested and validated by simulations of an engine bay in wind tunnels. The Multi-Wing’s one-piece or modular fans can be used in a compact (<40 hp), utility (40-100 hp) and high power (100-600 hp) tractors.

Cooling fans for dump truck engines must provide the highest levels of strength and durability. The Multi-Wing axial fans perform with the ultimate reliability in harshest environments, including excessive vibration, hot operating temperatures and exposure to stones and abrasive dust. These fans are designed for minimum blade deflection and fit into reduced emission engines and EGR engines. These Multi-Wing fans are primarily used in articulated dump trucks and mining trucks and can be driven by motor or hydraulics.

Harvester engines need fans designed to operate under harsh conditions and handle high-static pressure levels, vibration, temperature, and abrasive dust. The Multi-Wing fans maintain ample pressure reserve for fouled radiators, feature low blade deflection and fit reduced emission and EGR engines.

Wheel loaders, impact crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, scalping screens, classifier screens, trommel screens, generators, forklifts, the list goes on! This single brand Multi-Wing can be used across a vast range of different machines, which is why they’ve become so popular.

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Why are Multi-Wing Fans the Top Choice for Engine Fans?

Multi-Wing axial fans are used across HVAC, refrigeration, engine cooling, radiator, and oil and gas industries. Multi-Wing fans draw air from one side of the fan blades to the opposite, parallel to the shaft. These fans have become the choice product because they’re versatile and can move air or heat in a wide range of machines.

One benefit of these fans is the high level of flexibility from the design of interchangeable components. They also have a high strength output, using lightweight materials like aluminium as their foundation to perform at their best even in the most demanding environments.

The versatility designed within these fans allows engineers to target specific performance requirements that need to be considered in most machinery. Things like airflow, static pressure, efficiency, and noise are all elements that need to be followed. Multi-Wing fans also create high airflow levels, which are necessary for HVAC fans, industrial exhaust fans, evaporator fans and select radiator fans. Among all these functional benefits using these high-quality fans also result in lower power consumption or reduced fuel consumption.

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Key features and attributes of the Multi-Wing fan:

  • Power & performance
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Low noise
  • High-efficiency
  • Suitable for hydraulic drive
  • Reliability & durability
  • High productivity
  • Energy efficient
  • Minimum blade deflection
  • High pressure & temperature
  • Limited space efficiency
  • High vibration tolerent 
  • High-temperature tolerent
  • Abrasive dust & stones tolerant


If you want to learn more about Multi-Wing fans, contact our friendly team at Argon to find the best solution for your business. To view all of the services and products available, you can visit us in-store or online to find the perfect Multi-Wing solution for you. 


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